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Finance & National Planning

The Ministry of finance and National Planning is the central institution within the economic and financial landscape of the Kingdom. For this reason the Ministry has a constant obligation to carefully consider the economic and financial needs of the country and provide Government with sound advice after considering all possible alternatives within the common confines of a limited resourced environment.  The ministry is guided by its vision, mission and values.


To improve the livelihood of the people of Tonga by developing sound fiscal and macroeconomic policies.


To provide professional financial, economic, and national planning advice to Government and key stakeholders on efficient and effective utilization of resources.


Hon. Dr. Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa - Minister for finance and National Planning

Ms. Pilimilose Balwyn Fa'otusia - Chief Executive Officer for finance and National Palnning


Listed are some of the services provided by the Ministry:

  • Salary: The ministry prepares and distributes government salary payments, as well as related employee and employer contributions to the retirement fund Board on a fortnightly basis.  The ministry ensures that salary payments are not only timely but complies with related established government policies and procedures regarding salary payments of any kind.
  • Payment: The ministry also processes all payments for government spending.  For more information on this, please refer to our Payment page for more comprehensive explanation on how government expenditure is processed and paid out.
  • Procurement: There is a Central Procurement Office within the ministry.  All major purchases or hiring of consultants by government are required to go through the Procurement Office to ensure that they meet the requirements.  world bank is currently funding a Public Procurement Reform Project for finalizing the Procurement Bill, Regulations, Manual and Standard Documents which have been drafted.



For more information, please contact:

  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 87, Nuku'alofa, Tonga
  • Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • phone (676) 23 066 Fax: (676) 24 040
  • Website: www.finance.gov.to

Polokalama Fakamamafa'i ‘o e MDG pea mo e NCD

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20 Sepitema, 2011. Ko e Polokalama he polokalama ki hono tokangaekina ke Fakamamafa'i ‘o e MDG pea mo e NCD.

Polokalama Fakamamafa'i ‘o e MDG pea mo e NCD

‘Aho: Tusite 20 Sepitema 2011. Taimi: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Feitu'u : Pangai Lahi, Nuku'alofa.



(MC: Drew Havea Chairman of Alcohol NCD Sub Committee)

10:00 am          Konga 1: Kamata ‘o e Katoanga

Himi 1        :        Ms. Lesieli Tufui Faletau

(Deputy Secretary of Finance and Planning)

(Tataki Kau Hiva Maopa)

Lotu                                         : Dr. Loni Stone

Hiva                                         : Kau Hiva Maopa

Welcome Speech                       : Dr Siale ‘Akauola (Director of Health)

Key speaker                              : Mr. Wayne Antkowiakw

(WHO Liaison Officer)

Key Note Address : Hon. Fanetupouvava'u Tu'ivakano

Kau hiva naite ‘o e ‘Otufelenite : Fa'u ta'anga ma'ae kaveinga ‘o e ‘aho

Fakamanatu Kaveinga ‘o e ‘aho : Mrs. ‘Emeli Moala Pouvalu

(Talekita Ako, Kakai Fefine mo e ‘Ulungaanga Fakafonua and on behalf of MDGs Taskforce).

Faiva                                         : Teacher Training (TIOE)

11:00 am           Konga 2:   Healthy Eating

Me'a Fakalotolahi           : Hon. Sinaitakala Fakafanua

Item                             : Suliasi Pole'o

Item                             : Tonga Police Brass Band

Health Talk                   : Dr Malakai ‘Ake

Aerobics                      : GPS Nuku'alofa

12:00pm           Konga 3:  Tobacco NCD Sub-committee

Me'a Fakalotolahi           : Hon Tevita ‘Unga Ma'afu

Kau Hiva                      : ‘Atolomake Helu

Presentation                  : Losaline Ma'asi

Faiva                             : Teachers Training School (TIOE)

Kau Hiva                      : Finau Afeaki

1: 00pm                         Konga 4: Physical Activity

Lea Fakalotolahi                        : Dr. Sitiveni Halapua

Faiva                             : Teachers Training School (TIOE)

Zumba/Aerobic                        :  Tonga Defence Services

Health Talk                   : Dr Malakai ‘Ake

2:00pm             Konga 5: Alcohol NCD Sub- Committee

Lea Fakalotolahi           :  Drew Havea

Aerobics                       : Health

Zumba                           : Tonga Defence Services

3:00pm             Konga 6: Faka'osi Polokalama

Lea Fakamalo                : Sea Komiti - Tongatapu Drew Havea

Kau Hiva Naite ‘o e ‘Otufelenite : Ta'anga ma'ae kaveinga ‘o e ‘aho

Lotu tuku                      : Palesiteni Siasi Tonga Tau'ataina


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