GOT - 9 Outcome Objectives to achieving Government's vision

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"To develop and promote a just, equitable and progressive society in which the people of Tonga enjoy good health, peace, harmony and prosperity, in meeting their aspirations in life."

The Government's Vision will be achieved by delivering the following 9 Outcome Objectives and based on 4 enabling Themes

Outcome Objectives:

  1. Strong inclusive communities - by engaging districts/villages/communities in meeting their prioritized service needs and ensuring equitable distribution of development benefits.
  2. Dynamic public and private sector partnership as the engine of growth - by promoting better collaboration between government and business, appropriate incentives and streamling of rules and regulations.
  3. Appropriate, well planned and maintained infrastructure that improves the everyday lives of the people and lowers the cost of business - by the adequate funding and implementation of the National Infrastructure Investment Plan (NIIP).
  4. Sound education standards - by emphasizing quality, universal basic education.
  5. Appropriately skilled workforce to meet the available opportunities in Tonga and overseas, by delivering improved Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
  6. Improved health of the people by promoting healthy lifestyle choices with particular focus on addressing non-communicable diseases, and providing quality, effective and sustainable health services.
  7. Cultural awareness, environmental sustainability, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, integrated into all planning and implementation of programmes by establishing and adhering to appropriate procedures and consultation mechanisms.
  8. Better governance by adopting the qualities of good governances, accountability, transparency, anti-corruption and rule of law.
  9. Safe, secure and stable society by maintaining law and order.

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