Head of Government of Tonga - Prime Minister Lord Tu'ivakano

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Prime Minister:  Lord Tu'ivakano
Ministerial Portfolios includes
Minister for Information and Communications,
Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs
Acting Minister for Defence
Acting Minister for Police, Fire Services and Prisons
Previous Ministerial Appointments includes Minister for Training, Employment, Youth and Sports (     ) - View Full Profile.

Role of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is in formal terms appointed  by His Majesty the King, on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly as provided in the Constitution and Government Act.

The Prime Minister as leading Minister of the Government, the Prime Minister :

-        presides over Cabinet.
-        leads the Government in the Legislative Assembly.
-        Is the principal spokesperson for Government.
-        has residual responsibility for the administration of any department or government property not otherwise specifically provided for.

The Prime Minister also have the power, with the consent of the Cabinet-
(a) to appoint, dismiss or discipline all Government officers (including Magistrates);
(b) to delegate to any person or persons appointed for the purposes, the power to appoint, dismiss or discipline all those officers and otherwise to administer the Civil Service, such delegation to be to
an extent specified and not to be inconsistent with the provisions of any other Act.

The Prime Minister chairs Cabinet meetings. By convention, responsibility for Cabinet procedures rests with the Prime Minister.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2012.


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