Commander of the United States Pacific Command to Visit Tonga

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4 Sept. 2009.  TDS Press Release.

The Commander of the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM), Admiral TIMOTHY J. Keating will be arriving at 1245 hrs Friday 4th September 09. Admiral Keating is conducting his last farewell tour to the countries under his area of responsibility (See Map). Due to the good relationship and cooperation between Tonga, the Tonga Defence Services and the United States Armed Forces, Admiral Keating is making a 3 hour stopover in Tonga from his busy travel schedule. Tonga is the only small island nation amongst the other smaller pacific nations that Admiral Timothy J. Keating is stopping over to thank her Royal Highness, The Prime Minister and the Commander of the Tonga Defence Services for their support, contribution and cooperation on the overall security and development of the pacific and the world.

This is the second time a USPACOM Commander has visited Tonga. First it was Admiral Thomas B. Fargo in 2003 before the TDS Contingent deployed to Iraq in 2004. It shows the strategic importance of Tonga and the Tonga Defence Services in the global arena. Admiral Timothy J. Keating has shown great interest in Tonga and the Tonga Defence Services. He made a special visit to Iraq in late 2007 to visit the Tonga Defence Services 2nd OIF Contingent over there. USPACOM has supported the Tonga Defence Services and other government departments through various training and education sponsorship, ship's visit, TAFAKULA Exercises, Humanitarian assistance and various other aids. The U. S Pacific Fleet that conducted the Pacific Partnership 09 in Tonga in July is one of the services under his Command. The upcoming deployment next week of the 30 TDS platoon to Hawaii for TAFAKULA Exercises in preparation for major exercises in Hawaii in 2010 with the U. S Marine is also under his Command. Tonga and TDS has benefited a lot from the leadership of Admiral Timothy J. Keating and the US Pacific Command. The door was opened for Tonga to enlist its TDS students on the US prestigious military academies to include West Point Academy and now with the TDS Commander's daughter at the Naval Academy Indianapolis. USPACOM and U. S Central Command in Florida (USCENTCOM) also supported Tonga on its mission for the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Attach is Admiral Timothy J. Keating biography. You can also read a lot of information on but click on those words to get the short and overall picture of the USPACOM and Admiral Timothy J. Keating responsibilities.

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1245 hrs - Admiral Timothy J. Keating will be flying in on a 737-800 Jet with his 12 staff and crew. They will be met at the airport by the Commander of the Tonga Defence Services, Brigadier Tau'aika ‘Uta'atu and convey to the TDS Headquarter.

The Admiral's spouse, Mrs. Wanda Lee Keating will be hosted separately by the spouse of the Commander, TDS, Mrs. Christine ‘Uta'atu to a Tonga lunch and show at Vakaloa Resort together with other TDS senior officer's spouses.

1320 hrs - Official Lunch for Admiral Timothy J. Keating at the TDS Headquarter (Sene). The Hon Prime Minister and responsible for the Ministry of Defence, Hon Dr. Feleti Vaka'uta Sevele will be attending the lunch. Other government officials and the TDS officers will be partake on this official lunch.

1430 - Audience with the Princes Regent, HRH Pilolevu Tuita at the Polata'ane (White House)

1545 - Admiral Timothy J. Keating departs Tonga.


Admiral Timothy J. Keating
Admiral Keating spouse
Ambassador Gene Christy - USPACOM Foreign Policy Adviser
MR Richard Pruett - Deputy Chief of Mission to Tonga
Major General Randolph, USMC - USPACOM Director for Strategic Planning & Policy
Commander Bob Forwood - Defence Attache to Tonga
Other staffs and security officers

ADMIRAL TIMOTHY J. KEATING, USN Commander, U.S. Pacific Command CV

You are cordially invited to come to the airport, TDS headquarter during lunch time and the audience to her Royal Highness at the white house to take pictures and report on this very important visit by the 3rd most important US military rank in the United States Armed Forces.

Lieutenant Commander
Staff Officer 2 Plan / Acting Policy and Plans

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