2011 Law Week builds on ‘Social Life and Laws' theme

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.2 December 2011. A closing ceremony to conclude the 2011 Law Week was held at the Moulton Hall in Nuku'alofa on December 2, with the Minister for Justice and Public Enterprises, Hon. Clive Edwards as Guest of Honour.

The Minister for Police, Fire Services and Prisons, Hon. Lisiate ‘Akolo, the Lord Chief Justice Dishington Scott,  Justice Shuster including the Acting Secretary for Justice, Mr. Folau Lokotui, Solicitor General ‘Aminiasi Kefu and Magistrates Judges were among the distinguished guests at the ceremony.

The Law Week is an important initiative supported by His Majesty's Government to ensure compliance with the rule of law, by raising awareness and legal literacy within the community through various activities throughout the week.

Held every year and coordinated by the Crown Law Department, this year's program is the fifth Law Week that has been held in Tonga.

The closing ceremony reflected on the week's success which included popular talkback radio programmes, that particularly benefited those in the outer islands and rural areas that have little or no access to legal advice.

Prizes were also being presented by the Guest of Honour to students who won poetry and essay competitions on Law Week.

This year's Law Week is build on the theme, "Laws and Social Life", which recognizes the cohesion between society and the law as a very important factor in maintaining the fabric of a peaceful and prosperous Tonga.

Among the key objectives of all democratic governments is ensuring that social life is appropriately provided for in relevant and up to date laws presenting balanced views, thus forming the solid foundations on which an orderly and peaceful society is built.

Social issues with abuse of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and an increasing rate of domestic violence in the Kingdom, are amongst the most prevalent aspects that has impacted the community and society today.

Upholding the law and enforcing it to effectively address these social issues, is a collective duty for not only key decision makers, legal practitioners but also every member of society.

The message was clear that society cannot exist in isolation without laws, and that laws also cannot exist in isolation of social norms - they must coexist for social order and the rule of law to prevail.

Tonga's Crown Law Department provides legal advice to His Majesty's Cabinet, Government Ministries, and Departments as well as litigation (prosecutions, and civil and land matters), and legislative drafting.


Issued by the: Ministry of Information and Communications, Nuku'alofa, 2011.


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